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Turn operating costs into assets

GreenOak offers clients a diverse suite of insurance & reinsurance
solutions through the use of protected cell captive facilities.
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A Captive Partner Solution
Captive insurance companies are a prominent risk control mechanism in strategic planning of organisations of any size, spanning virtually every industry sector and every corner of the globe. Green Oak provides a facility for organisations to own a captive and to experience the benefits of having an alternative risk transfer vehicle with minimum costs and resources.
Set Up Your Own Captive Insurer
Here we highlight the benefits of setting up your own captive insurer
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Why Mutual Aid is the Basis
of Insurance
Director Naoyoshi Araki talks to Wall Street Journal about mutual aid being an important basis of insurance and the importance of trust from clients to achieve success
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(Protected Cell Captive)
A PCC is an alternative risk management tool that allows an organisation to obtain benefits of a captive insurance company, without the upfront costs, capital investment and significant maintenance cost associated with forming and managing a pure captive.
Why Green Oak
Speed to operation & exit
Suitable for multiple industries
Custom products for your business
Custom products for your business
Access to Global Reinsurance Market
Turning Costs into Assets
Capacity to grow risk retention
More costs effective than a pure captive
Risk Assessment & Management
Asses the current risk profile & potential improvements that you can make to best mitigate the current risk in your company/organisation.
Modern Building
Partnering Solutions for
Captive Structures
Set Up your cell captive in X simple steps & with speed. 
After a feasibility study we can process the application and have it ready in 30 days*.
Manage all of your insurance needs for your business & reinsurance needs for your cell 
Captive Solution for multiple risks
A captive would also enable buy down of deductibles so that risk of property loss is transferred to the captive, rather than to the subsidiaries.
Business Interruption
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A Captive solution to help assist and manage your risk as your business scales & uses more space to grow
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Captive can be used to bear the primary layer of risk which may not be otherwise available in the traditional market or to build a statistical base to achieve stability in pricing in the future.
Employee Benefits
A Captive solution to help assist and manage your risk as your business scales & uses more space to grow
Product / Service
Product / Service
A captive can rely on detailed loss data and design a warranty policies to insure the risk of loss that is related to warranties and reserves of the captive
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A captive can insure some layer of product liability risk and cover the losses which the insurance carrier doesn’t.
Product Recall
Who We Are
Green Oak PCC is based in Labuan, Malaysia and is licensed by Labuan Financial Services Authority to operate as a captive insurer vide a protected cell company. We offer clients a diverse suite of insurance & reinsurance solutions through utilisation of protected cell captive facilities.
Our Approach
Every request and every client is unique. We evaluate your needs and provide you appropriate risk management solution that best meet your needs.
Our Vision
To create opportunity for every business to enable them with the tools to manage their risk
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Start with Free Consulting
Get in touch and see how we can help your business grow
Licensed by
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* Application approval process may vary, and are based on the condition and function the cell. 
See more at for more information.
Green Oak PCC Limited is established as a protected cell company, under Part VIIIB of the Labuan Companies Act 1990 (LCA). This means that under the Labuan laws, and provided the conditions of the LCA have been complied with, the assets attributable to each cell of the Company will only be available to creditors of that cell. Prospective investors should bear in mind that the segregation of assets and liabilities as provided for in this manner, whilst recognized and protected under the Labuan laws, may not be recognized in certain other jurisdictions in which the company’s assets may be located.
GreenOak PCC Ltd.
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